McGrath's in New Providence, NJ

McGrath’s Paint & Hardware Closing after 30 Years: McGrath Family Thanks Community for the Journey

February 20, 2016

Dear Friends, Neighbors, Customers and Residents of New Providence,

Our store has been a part of the New Providence downtown business center since 1987 when my dad Tom first opened McGrath’s Paint & Hardware on Springfield Avenue. In 2010 McGrath’s celebrated a grand re-opening of its current location on South Street. During our near 30 years in business we have been both honored and privileged to service the needs of our customers who have largely been friends, residents, contractors and fellow business owners.  When we moved and expanded to South Street we undertook major efforts to blend in our storefront with those of neighboring businesses because we were fully onboard with the town’s vision for a vibrant downtown, but we also were focused upon the fabric of the overall business landscape of New Providence.

My wife Judy and I have always taken great pride in contributing to our community not only during community events through our sponsorship, but also as key contributors to the many athletic teams and programs, as well as all of the fundraisers who’ve approached and asked for our continued support.  We’ve made these contributions not to further our brand or our business, but because we love and believe in this community and have always maintained that commitment since we opened our doors in 1987.

McGrath’s has always been a “customer first” business and our business model has always been centered upon the needs of our customers.  My dad taught me to always hire employees with great attitude and enthusiasm because he believed he could teach the knowledge of the paint and hardware business to just about anyone.  We have taken that mantra forward and operated McGrath’s on the premise that customers don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  Over the past decades our customers have had an increasingly number of choices for their paint and hardware needs yet they have always come through our doors largely because they have come to know and expect a great customer experience and personalized service.

With all that we’ve poured into our business and contributed to this community, it is very difficult for us to share with you that McGraths’s will unfortunately be closing on Monday and a new owner will assume the reins of our former business. We wish Ricciardi Brothers the best in knowing that they have a strong customer base within New Providence.