Smoking marijuana low sperm count

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For ages, the conventional wisdom about marijuana and male reproductive health was that one did not benefit the other. Weed was kryptonite for healthy sperm; don't partake in one if you want the other. Scientific studies backed that up. But all it takes is one new study to blow up what we thought we knew, and that study was published this month. After analyzing the ejaculate of more than men, researchers from the Harvard T. Chan School of Public Health found that men who reported using cannabis had higher sperm counts than men who reported never using cannabis.
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3 Surprising Facts About How Smoking Weed Impacts Your Sperm

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How does smoking marijuana affect sperm?

The prevalence of marijuana use among males of reproductive age has never been higher, while male factor infertility is also on the increase. Researchers believe that the spread of legal medical and recreational marijuana use in the U. Marijuana contains the cannabinoid drug THC tetrahydrocannabinol , its primary psychoactive chemical, as well as other cannabinoids. Several studies have linked marijuana usage and male infertility but how the use of the drug affects infertility has been attributed to a variety of reasons.
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How does smoking marijuana affect sperm?

Chan School of Public Health. The study, conducted in the Fertility Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital, also found that there was no significant difference in sperm concentrations between current and former marijuana smokers. It is estimated that
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The unexpected finding that men with a history of cannabis smoking had higher sperm counts has been widely reported after it was published in a leading fertility journal. Around half of men had tried, or currently used, cannabis and the researchers found just 5 per cent had clinically low sperm counts, compared to 12 per cent of those who had never tried it. The authors suggest that this could be a result of cannabis on the body's endocannabinoid system which sends chemical messages in the brain and has been associated with regulating fertility. Professor Sheena Lewis, from Queen's University Belfast, said her lab had studied the effects of cannabis use at similar levels reported by the Harvard team. However, he said he was "unconvinced" by the prospect of cannabis being a pancea for male ferility problems.
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smoking marijuana low sperm count
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