Sperm whale reproduction

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Jump to navigation. Unlike the baleen whales, sperm whales are active predators, specializing on large squids in the deep sea but also eating large bony fishes and sharks. Sperm whales have several specialized physical characteristics that aid in this predatory behavior. They have large conical teeth for ensnaring their preferred prey. Like most active predators, they have large brains and in fact, the sperm whale has the largest brain of any animal on the planet.
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Sperm Whale

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Sperm whale - Wikipedia

The Sperm Whale is the classic whale of 'Moby Dick' fame, and is the largest of the toothed whales. Female Pygmy Sperm Whales are generally only about two-thirds the length of the males and half the weight. Despite this dimorphism, the sexes are very similar in appearance with a shape unlike that of any other whale. Their most prominent feature is the bulbous squared head and huge conical teeth in the lower jaw. The elongated body is a grey colour overall with small stubby flippers and a large powerful tail.
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Sperm whale

Strongylocentrotus purpuratus Ophioneries reticulata Leptopentacta elongata. Olindias formosa Aurelia autita Physalia. Monarch Butterfly Cranefly Atyid Shrimp.
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Whales are polygamous mammals, with females giving birth to live young and nursing them for several months. During breeding season, the male, or bull whale, copulates underwater with the female, or cow, in a complex mating ritual that varies widely from species to species. Mating entails long migrations to oceanic breeding grounds, vocalizations or songs and, sometimes, large groups of male whales, such as humpbacks, competing for females in violent displays of dominance.
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sperm whale reproduction

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